Sunday, June 14

Nick B

I stood over Nick, both his hands and his legs were tied to the bed, and I was teasing him with my pussy positioned above his face just far enough away he couldn't get to it.
I pulled myself away from him and propped him up on the bed while he was still hand-cuffed.
I walked calmly - half the thrill for him was in the tease - over to the bedside table and took out a bottle of lube, a vibrator and a double ended dildo.
It was one of Nicks guilty pleasure that he had told me about in the weeks of texting before out encounter took place. I slowly walked back to Nick and proceeded to lube the vibrator and the double ended dildo. Once both were well lubed I took the vibrator and started by using it on myself.
It wasn't long before Nick was straining against his restraints and begging me to use one on him. I smiled and took out the double ended dildo. I lifted his legs up so that they were in the air and slowly inserted the dildo into his ass. He went crazy bucking up and down moaning as I pushed it deeper into him. I used one hand on him pumping his penis while my other hand vigoursly fucked him with the dildo.
It didn't take him long to cum all over his chest with a loud "urrrrrrrrrr". It felt nice to lick the cum off his chest while I continued to fuck him with the dildo.
This just goes to show that it's not always about what I want but more about what they want.

Tuesday, May 19

So far this week has been a strange one indeed. Woke up Monday morning with a text message from the Ex who I presume is still half way across the world in Texas. The text read;

I've been a real jerk and I accept that, please come back! :S

I don't know about most people but in my book when someone cheats on another with their sister and then they move half way across the world, that a pretty strong sign that I don't want to be near them,

Sunday, May 17

Black Glove Fantasy

All today i've been fantasizing about a black glove, no gender attached to the glove just a glove. I've been thinking about what this glove could do to me. Tie me up and blind fold me has been one that I enjoyed thinking about.
The glove would tie to to the bed and blind hold me before tweaking my nipples. Then when I'm all worked up they'd turn me over onto my back and spank me lightly. 
After a good spanking from the glove I'm turned over again onto my back and the glove enters me just with one finger, then two, then three, then then entire black gloved fist is placed inside me.
All this thinking about black gloves have made me horny. I must leave now and take out some of my tension..

Saturday, May 16

Max The Story So Far

Max and I met when I had first came to Australia. He was nice, sweet and a gentleman to me that made me feel welcomed. We started dating and for a while I thought everything was going to be great. Until one day it just didn't feel the same anymore. So we broke up but he's remained my greatest of friends and a lovin' fuck buddy, or as he likes to say, "friends with benefits"

The Stats

Name: For the intensive purposes of this blog he is Max.
Age: Just like a song out of The Sound Of Music, he is eighteen going on nineteen.
Occupation: Philanderer 
Relationship Status: Just got out of a terrible relationship with his ex who I call Anastasia, aka "WHORE!"
Personal Status with me: Friend's with benefits 
Body: Not too shabby, got a nice six-pack on him, an result of way too much spare time and frustration taken out after his last break-up
Penis: Maxy-boi is cut(although he not a jew, parents preferred it i suppose), he has a nice think penis that always seemed to fill me. Last time I saw it, it was around the seven or seven point five mark. And his ball sack always used to make the most erotic sound when it hit me when he fucked me hard. Made me melt.
Just got a message from Max(an recent conquest of mine who I do beleive I have not told you about, next on my list I promise);

Hey Steph
How's the weekend goin?
Wanna hook up someplace public tonight?

I'm not sure what to say, but still I texted back yes and set up for the car park at Heatherbrae Mc'Donnalds tonight at 4:30am. Should be an good night.
It's the weekend, it's the weekend, it's the weekend, and I'm bored. I have nothing good to do today, so bored looking at a pair of High-heeled converse on the net thinking about how good they'd look on me. 
Sure I have plenty of assessments I could be doing, but where's the fun in that?
Could go shopping with my best friend Shellie, pick up some new shoes and rack up some more debit on my card. 
Also there is no food in the cupboard and take-away Chinese gets real boring real fast. But you know what I really want to eat.... what I really want to eat is a nice big cock. I'm such a whore sometimes but that's why you' love me. 
Might ask the roomie if he has wants a toss off, I mean he may be my roomie but who hasn't fantasized about their roomie after they've mistakenly seem them getting out of the shower and imagined how it would feel to have his dick inside me....
Might check out that avenue, it might satisfy a few hours of my time.

Friday, May 15


I don't know why but some boys are so self-conscious about their penis's. I can understand if they're worried about standing up against other guys who may be longer or thicker then others. 
But when they start asking me if I think they're they need more visible veins on their shaft, or if I think they need their ball sack to be larger that it gets a bit strange.
Rigby is one of these guys. I was on my knees in front of him while he sat on the side of the bed and I gave him head. It was now that he asked me if I thought his dick needed more veins.
I was lost for words so I just told him that he was perfect as he was, and continued the job. 
Once we were finished and I was getting changed me asked me again if I thought he needed more veins. So I told him that I'd take a picture and ask around but use an alias, as are all the names used here, because really everyone needs their privacy. So what do you think?

Thursday, May 14


True to his word Wednesday morning I got a message from Zach asking if I was still up for Thursday arvo. So Thursday I spent the day fiddling around gathering up an assortment of sex toys for both him and me, and went out with my rommie to buy some extra strong condoms and lube.
Around four thirty I got a message from Zach it is the picture that is shown to the left, which has a message underneath is saying, "You want some chocolate?"
This gave me the wonderful idea of body chocolate. So I rushed to the nearest adult shop and brought a rather large tub of edible body chocolate.

Later when I had him on my bed in his tight Clavin Klein trunks with body chocolate smeared over his abs I leant down next to his ear and asked, "What do you want me to do?"
"What I want...what I really to pleasure you." He replied. 
I licked a line of chocolate off his abs and enjoyed his smile that always looked so cute on him. 
"You know i've been thinking about you a lot since out last time together."
"Yeah," I replied. "I've always fantasized about being fucked by a black guy and having his cum all over me tits."
He smiled. "No need to be asked twice." Without another word he picked sat up and pushed me onto the bed lifting my legs up into the air so that they rested on his shoulder. He guided his penis into me slowly every inch of his long dick felt like it took forever to enter me. 
When he was fully inside me it felt so good, then he started to thrust deep into me. Each thrust brought us closer to orgasm. It felt so good that I didn't want it to end.
After much thrusting and nipple squeezing he moaned, "I'm going to cum all over you."
"Yes, yes, do it now," I begged.
He whipped his monster out of me and straddled my stomach whipping off the condom in a single fluid movement. He pulled at his massive monster vigorously until he cum splashed onto my tits, warm and sweet.
He collapsed ontop of me and we spent the rest of the afternoon our naked bodies intertwined on the bed.

Tuesday, May 12

Some girls shop for clothes, be that a little black dress to wear to show off all your sexiness, or a pair of vintage sunnies that complement your face structure. I however live for shoes. I ahd a shoe fetish, but not in the creepy sexual way that some people are.
You might say that it's the reason for me being low on cash...but it's not my fault if when I see a pair of killer spike heels that iI jsut must have them. It's the fashion designers faults.